The Committee

Tina Prior
Vice Chair
Julie Smith
Mary Lancefield
Lorna Jones
Fundraiser Coordinator
Gloria Prior 

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Gardening Coordinator
Sue Unwin
Art Coordinator
Lesley Day
Street Pride Coordinators
Lavinia Seward & Geraldine Smith
David Isaacs
Projects Coordinator

Britain in Bloom

The Royal Horticultural Society runs a neighbourhood award competition called Britain in Bloom. Chatteris in Bloom takes part in the Anglia region competition in which we have consistantly won Silver Gilt.



2017 - Gold        

2016 - Silver       

2015 - Silver Gilt

2014 - Silver Gilt

2013 - Silver Gilt

2012 - Silver Gilt

2011 - Silver Gilt

2010 - Silver Gilt

2009 - Gold        

2008 - Silver Gilt

2007 - Silver Gilt

2006 - Silver       

2005 - Bronze    

The Trophy Cabinet

Our Origins

Chatteris is a small town in the Cambridgeshire Fens. A small group of people met together in 2005 to form a committee to enter Chatteris into the Anglia in Bloom competition. In the first year, their efforts resulted in a bronze award. 2006 saw Chatteris obtaining a Silver award in the judging. 2007 brought a silver gilt as did 2008. In 2009 we got a Gold. 2013 saw the Town awarded Silver Gilt. So in 2014 Chatteris would really like to win back the Gold. The Chatteris Town in Bloom group is made up of volunteers who all share a common objective- to make the town a more attractive place in which to work and live. The Town is lucky in that it has a great community spirit. The "In Bloom" group works to involve all of the community in the job of making Chatteris bloom. That includes businesses, residents, schools, youth groups and the local councils. Please look at our other pages find out more about our fund raising events and our competitions. Perhaps you would like to help us - check out the ways you can make Chatteris bloom and meet some friendly people at the same time.

Ormond Connolly

Ormond Raphael Connolly, mostly known as Mo.

He was born and raised in Chatteris, along with his elder sister Irene. His Father was a prison of war in WWII & his Mother a local post lady. His Maternal Grandfather ran a sweet shop where Grounds Estate agents now is, called Dai Timothy.

He worked as a painter/decorator, builder, odd job man.

He was an avid swimmer and continued to swim daily even after his surgery, despite being told not to. In his younger days, It is believed he swam for the county and did dyke-swimming.

He held a season ticket for Peterborough United (Up the POSH!) and always liked to stand in the terraces, rather than sit in the stands- better football atmosphere.

He was ALWAYS happy & positive. He saw the good in people and had such a bright outlook on life. (They played “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life” at his funeral)  There were no negatives- just problems to be solved. He would always try and fix something if he could- be it practically or metaphorically.

He had a fabulous sense of humour & was always laughing.

He was really rather intelligent also, although he seemed to play this down.

He liked his food- particularly sweet things & puddings (despite being diabetic)!

He was a VERY talented artist & painted steam trains- which he had a bit of a thing for. There was also the infamous scarecrow one year- a full-sized paper-mache pole dancer!

He was involved in Chatteris in Bloom since the very start and also Chatteris Christmas Lights

There are several local people who knew Ormond as a Chatteris person born & bred, then others that got to know him from his various activities. People who used to go to football with him; The Christmas Lights committee; people from the Honest John pub- Plus the artists at the Savage Art studio there.